Urban Arborist cuts down The Woody Mammoth, Finningley, Doncaster

Patiently waiting

This job involved a road closure, a crane, a cherry picker and tight stringent control with Doncaster airport to carry out the task.

The owner of this tree became concerned after a branch fell across his neighbors drive. Urban Arborist appealed to the sectary of state to remove this tree which was a sad day for all.

Woody Mammoth at Thorne Park

In May 2017 Urban Arborist had to remove another large Chestnut form Thorne Memorial Park

This tree was in decline and showing signs of ill health. Urban Arborist works closely with Thorne Moorends and Doncaster council to keep parks like this safe for members of the public to enjoy.

Heavy machinery was brought in to make light work of removing the timber.

Urban Arborist will be planting many more new trees within Thorne Memorial Park over the next growing season.

Looking back over 2016 which was a very busy year for Urban Arborist.

This Chestnut at Thorne Memorial park split during mid summers night crushing a 4×4 parked on the adjacent road. luckily no one was injured.

After a hectic start to the New Year, Urban Arborist kicked off with the reduction of 90 Cypress trees, each in excess of 60ft tall for Stoneacre, York Road, Doncaster.


After a very near miss of damage to Stoneacres cars when one of the trees blew over in high winds, Stoneacre consulted Urban Arborist back in the summer of 2015.  Wanting to make the trees safe wile maintaining a screening affect of there workshops, garages and showrooms for the nearby residents.

It took some doing but eventually we got these overgrown Cypress trees back under control with straight clear lines. Reducing them by 50% in height as well as significantly reducing the risk of further wind blow or break.


It was vital that this work was carried out during the winter months to avoid disturbing any of the many nesting birds. There was a few blustery days while caring out the work but the sun came out eventually.

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