Dr. Greta Arnott

“Nick Marsh (Urban Arborist) and his team tended my garden at No.1 Yorkshire, Bawtry, S.Yorkshire for twelve years. The work comprised:

The trimming and shaping of mature Hollies and assorted Conifers.
Pruning Apple Trees.
Trimming and shaping assorted ornamental shrubs, Syringa, Berberis, Mahonia, Myrtle and a 2 story high Wisteria Vine and Summer Jasmine.
Shaping an Ivy and Winter Jasmine Hedge running the entire length of the property on one side of the walled garden.
Trimming back extensive Creepers on the house coach house – A tedious but necessary task which most gardeners would not entertain.
Nick and his crew were extremely pleasant and flexible accommodating my request with patience and good humour. I enjoyed their company and felt complete confidence in their professional skills. Indeed over the years a real friendship has developed and only the sale of No.1 Yorkshire in September 2015 ended contact. I warmly recommend his work to the new owners.

If it is possible and fits in his busy schedule I will employ him in my new garden in Cheshire – One never lets a skilled Arborist go!”

– Dr. Greta Arnott

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