Crown Clean / Deadwood


Crown clean is a general term used to describe the removal of smaller diameter growth within the crown of a tree such as sucker/epicormics growth. Some types of trees naturally produce large amounts of sucker growth such as Cherry plumb, or certain types of Limes trees. Other trees may send out sucker growth due to stress or from being previously excessively pruning.

When crown cleaning any major deadwood would also be removed especially if the tree is within a high risk area i.e. regularly used footpath, highway, bus stop, or garden area. In a nut shell crown cleaning is a form of snatiation for trees but would only really be carried out on trees within the urban environment and not on trees within a natural woodland or forest as the accumulation of deadwood within a tree is the perfect habitat for many different forms of fungi and insects forming the beginnings of the food chain and greater biodiversity. Urban Arborist and our team of tree care specialist are ready to perform those delicate, sympathetic tree pruning operation in a safe and professional manner in and around Doncaster, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

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