Tree Pruning


Tree pruning is a real skill and art when done properly, Urban Arborist and team have the skills, knowledge, and experience to carry out all the different types of pruning operation in and around the Doncaster area in a safe and professional manner.

Trees can be pruned for many different reasons such as:

Crown Lifting

Removing lower branches often to improve light levels of garden areas, ground floor level dwellings, office blocks. Removing nuisance branches from carpark areas, highways, footpaths. Clearing services such as phone lines, street lights, satellite dishes. Whatever the problem Urban Arborist and our team of skilled tree surgeons have a solution.

Crown Thinning

Selectively removing smaller diameter branches from the inner crown allowing more light to filter through, improving airflow and reducing sail factor in strong winds. This procedure works well when combined with crown lifting, improving a tree aesthetically enhancing the structure, form and natural beauty. Urban Arborist are tree care specialist ready to perform those delicate, sympathetic pruning operation in a safe and professional manner.

Crown Reduction

Selectively removing the outer extremity’s back to suitable growing points resulting in an overall reduction in size. This type of pruning can be used to contain a tree outgrowing its space as opposed to complete removal. This can be carried out on a tree as a whole, or just on a portion clearing nuisance branches from buildings, highways and services such as phone lines, street lights, satellite dishes or powerlines. Fully equipped Urban Arborist have the tools equipment and the skills to perform those tricky operations in a safe and professional manner.


Pollarding, if done, properly is carried out from a young age as the tree is forming its crown. Once a crown structure is formed, pollarding is then a process of systematically cutting back of a tree on an annual basis. Only certain trees respond to pollarding such as Limes or London plane. Pollarding is a great way to maintain trees in confined spaces. If you require your trees pollarding Urban Arborist has the tools and the know how to carry out this procedure, so give us a call, we will be more than happy to assist.


Coppicing is the cutting back of trees to the ground level and then allowing them to re-grow, it is often a way to control under story trees such as Hazel within a woodland. This procedure was carried out in early settlements, as the re-growth made easily accessible straight lengths of usable timber for tools such as racks. Pollarding originated for the same purposes but on land that was also used for grazing cattle as the cattle could not reach and eat the re-growth.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is very important for young trees to establish good form and structure as this dictates the way a tree will grow and can prevent major surgery later on in life for the tree, resulting in larger wounds and depletion on photosynthetic energy. If you have young trees and want them to develop with the best possible form and structure then give us Urban Arborist a call and we will be more than happy to assist.

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is performed for many different reasons. It is a highly skilled job Urban Arborist has the skills and the man power to perform those tricky operations in and around Doncaster, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We use state of the art equipment, all our staff are trained and qualified in the tasks they perform. Whether you are a domestic house hold or a commercial company we can get the job done in a safe efficient manor minimising any inconvenience to yourself or your company.

Tree Re-Shaping

We often carry out tree re-shaping on smaller garden trees such as Apple, Cherry and other fruit trees in and around the Doncaster area. So if your trees are getting out of control then give us a call, we will soon have them back under control, with nice clean lines and rounded shapes for you to just sit back and enjoy on a lovely summers day.

If you need professional tree pruning services, call us today on 01302 832 536 or 01427 891808
Based in Haxey, Doncaster, Urban Arborist covers Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire. If you are looking for a reputable Tree Surgeon you have come to the right place.

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