Tree Removal Tickhill

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After many years of monitoring the mature Sycamore tree at Stonebridge House, in the heart of Tickhill conservation area, the decision to carry out the tree removal in Tickhill was made. Due to the tree being in decline it had become unsafe. Although residents were disheartened to see it removed it had become a danger to the public.

Being situated very close to a Stonebridge, stream, footpath, highway, telephone and power lines meant that careful consideration was required before removal of the tree could take place. Months of planning and contacting local authorities was required before the tree removal in Tickhill could take place. 

First we had to liaise with Doncaster council as the tree was  protected by a T.P.O.  (tree preservation order) and within a conservation area. This meant submitting an application on behalf of the resident. Once the application had been submitted we waited to receive confirmation from the council and for them to carry out their own inspection of the tree.

Next was making contact with the highways department to close the road, ensuring the public and our operators safety during the removal. This tree removal in Tickhill also required the use of specialist access and heavy lifting equipment to remove the large mature Sycamore from a tight space which would of been unsafe and impractical to use without the road closure.

Due to the tree being located in close proximity to a power line we also had to contact Northern Power. An operative was sent out to monitor the site set up and make sure everything was in compliance with Northern Power health and safety regulations. 

The whole operation was carried out in a safe and controlled manor with minimal disruption to the local residence of Tickhill. This tree removal required a lot of coordination and equipment but most importantly the knowledge of experienced and highly qualified tree surgeon specialists.

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