Tree Service Doncaster

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Urban Arborist tree service in Doncaster covers all types of tree and hedge work from light trimming  (keeping hedges and trees neat, tidy, strait and level) to heavy reduction (getting hedges or trees back under control allowing  more light to reach your garden) or complete removal (if hedges or trees have become problematic or troublesome. We also offer a planting service with expert advice on the most well suited species taking into consideration soil types, drainage, light and space available. We can source trees and hedging from one of our reputable suppliers and deliver them strait to your door for you to plant yourself, or you can simple leave it to us and we will do all the hard work for you to simply sit back and enjoy the end result.

We have been providing our tree service to Stoneacre, York Road, Doncaster for a number of years now. The initial visit started in summer of 2015 with a view to reduce 90 x 60ft tall mature Cypress trees  by 50% to 30ft in height. This was carried out due to some of the trees blowing over in strong winds and damaging some of their stock cars. 

The initial contract was carried out in winter to avoid the bird nesting season. Stoneacre staff  willingly accommodated us in setting up our work site which involved shuffling around numerous cars to provide enough space to work, using our specialist access and tree cutting equipment. All the trees were reduce in a timely, efficiently and most importantly safe controlled manor with no damage to the surrounding car stock.

Stoneacre were so pleased with our tree service in Doncaster that we have been back on numerous occasion to carry out other contracts and we also biannually trim the 90 x Cypress trees to keep them under control and looking there best. 

Form more information on Tree Service and Hedge Work take a look at our Tree Service and Hedge Work page.

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